Dunnville, Ontario

Famous for the spectacular Elora Gorge and its 80 foot limestone cliffs descending into the Grand and Irvine Rivers. Adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers regularly flock to Elora, Ontario to enjoy some fun and take in the natural beauty.

Many original stone buildings from the 1800′s still make up the downtown village centre. Over the decades, Elora has maintained its old world charm and the century-old buildings have been transformed into unique galleries, gift shops, artists studios and charming restaurants creating the perfect four-season shopping and dining destination.

Elora is a cultural haven with so much to offer. Rich in live music, visual arts, crafts, up-scale boutiques, natural beauty, architecture, culinary flavours, and diverse in culture; Elora provides an alternative lifestyle not typically found in small, rural communities in this day and age. Discover for yourself what makes Elora so unique and you will fall in love too!

Nice Sports Car Huh?
by Shelley Norman

shelley norman personal ads Pulling up to the curb I notice the shiny black sports car in the driveway. It must belong to Steve, because it certainly doesn't belong to my friend Terri or her husband Bryan. Steve's the reason I'm here to begin with. Terri has been going on for weeks about wanting me to meet her husband's friend, and she was so excited that when she finally managed to arrange this dinner party, I couldn't say no.

Checking my make-up in the review mirror, I take a deep breath. I'm not sure why I'm so nervous it's just dinner at a friend's house. Getting out of my car I grab my purse and the bottle of wine I brought as a hostess gift. Then taking another deep breath, I press the doorbell.

The door opens a crack and I see Terri peek out, "Um...hi." She opens the door a bit further grabs the bottle of wine out of my hand, sets it on the hall table, grabs her purse and pushes me back out the door towards the steps, "I forgot to pick something up for dessert, I'll be right back," she calls over her shoulder.
"What the....," I start to say as she grabs my arm and starts dragging me towards her car.
"Nice sports car huh," she says, trying to distract me.
"What....yeah, it's a nice car. Terri, what's going on? You invite me here to have dinner and meet Bryan's friend and then you push me out the door when I get here?" I ask, perturbed.
"Get in the car, and I'll explain," she holds the passenger side door open for me.
Once we are both buckled into the sedan she pulls out of the driveway and starts down the street. "Okay, are you going to tell me what's up now?" I ask, glaring at her.
"Well you see, Steve couldn't make it..."
"What do you mean?" I interrupt. "Isn't that really great car you pointed out his?"
"No. Now let me finish. Steve called last night to say he got back with his old girlfriend and he didn't feel right about coming to dinner, since he knew it was to meet someone and he is no longer 'available'," Terri said quickly.
"Okay, so why didn't you just call me and tell me dinner was off? And who does that car belong to?" I say, irritated.
"Well, that is where my overwhelming brilliance comes in. Bryan mentioned to me last week at supper that an old friend of his from school had recently moved back to town. So I thought since he's single and you're single, and Steve's no longer available, why not, right?" she looks at me with a hopeful smile.
"What aren't you telling me?" I ask, knowing Terri all too well.
"Well, his name is Chris, and he's really nice, and he has a very nice car," she nods with each point.
"Yes, we've established it's a nice car... now, for the part you're avoiding," I tap my nails on the dashboard. "Well, he had to move back to town when his job in the city was outsourced. So he's living with his parents and working at his father's business," she says with a regretful sigh. But then with a smile she adds, "but he does have a really nice car."
"There has to be more to it, after all, with the current economic problems, lots of people have lost their jobs, and having to come back and work for the family business doesn't make him a bad person. I know you're not a snob. What kind of business does his father run?" I ask.
Terri stalls for moment, "He's into stock."
"A stock broker. That's a good job," I say, smiling.
"No, stock; as in livestock, you know-- cows," Terri frowns. "I'm afraid Chris spends his days cleaning pens and feeding hay."
"There is nothing wrong with that. I grew up on a farm, remember? I like cows. And working for his dad is likely only temporary. Were you worried I wouldn't want to meet him just because of that?" I look over at Terri.
"Sorry, I should have known you'd be okay with it. It's just after expecting to meet Steve, a successful business owner, to come over and find a farmhand instead, I wasn't sure," she smiles weakly.
"I'm totally okay with it. And besides there has to be promise for any guy who owns that nice of a car," I laugh.

keep reading more stories The doorbell wakes me from my daydream. Looking at the clock on my dressing table I realize it must be Terri, here to baby-sit the kids while Chris and I go out to celebrate our tenth anniversary. He turned out to be even better than the car promised.