Brampton, Ontario

Brampton is one of Canada’s largest and fastest growing cities. With a current population of over 600,000, Brampton’s young and diverse multicultural mosaic represents 209 distinct ethnic backgrounds mirrored with an eclectic mix of restaurants, boutiques, festivals, recreational and sport opportunities.

As Canada's Flower City, Brampton showcases beautiful floral displays and natural retreats. Not just an award winning city of beauty, Brampton is one of only 11 cities in North America, to be designated as an International Safe Community by the World Health Organization.

For visitors to Brampton, natural heritage, recreational play, cultural experiences and community festivals are abundant. Come and experience Brampton!

Sustainable Giving this Holiday Season

peel art gallery and museum The trend of holiday gift giving often promotes buying “stuff” we don’t really need -- items that often turn into waste. Have you ever thought about all the resources it takes to produce the item you are purchasing? Here are some waste-free gift ideas for this holiday season:
• Services instead of goods are a great idea! How about a massage, music lessons, a few hours of child or pet care or the gift of a car wash and vacuum?
• Make a charitable donation in someone’s name.
• Give the gift of an experience such as a family pass to the local aquarium, play place, or unique attraction in your community.
• A membership to your local art gallery, museum, conservation parks or even a gym.
• Tickets to the theatre, concert hall or even the movies add to the season!

The ongoing Trash Talk exhibition at Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA), located in downtown Brampton offers some interesting insights:
• It takes about 2650 litres of water to make one cotton t-shirt, that’s 11,658 cups of water. That same t-shirt will last 13 to 32 years in landfill.
• Globally, more than 100 billion items of clothing are made each year, double the amount compared to 20 years ago.
• Nearly every piece of plastic made since the mid 1950’s still exists in some form, except for a small amount that has been burnt. Unfortunately, not all of it’s recyclable!
• As for that plush toy – it will be in the landfill for about two hundred years!

Keep reading Visit PAMA this holiday season and learn how you can take local action and have a global impact! General admission is free until Jan. 19, 2020, sponsored by the Friends of Sikh Studies.

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