Bonnie Jane canine daytripper dogMy Weekly Adventure

by Bonnie-Jane, Canine Adventurer & Travel Companion for Curious Guide


To my fellow canines . . .A little rain won't stop me exploring the highways and byways of Ontario.

bonnie jane roadshow antiques innisfilI was out with Rock yesterday and we stopped by Roadshow’s 400 Antiques Mall. WOW what a great place! It’s filled with all sorts of really cool old stuff. I’m told that they’re called "antiques". Kinda like Rock. Ooops did I say that? Anyway this place is huge. I wanted to run up and down the long aisles but Rock kept me on leash. After a while though I got tired and caught a few zzzz.

If you’re into really good old stuff then this is your place.

You can enjoy a rainy (or sunny) day exploring Roadshow Antiques. They have a location in Innisfil off of Innisfil Beach Road, on Industrial Park Road and also at Pickering Markets, on Squires Beach Road Remember, tell them Bonnie-Jane sent you!

bonnie jane roadshow antiques innisfil Now how do I get out of here ......?


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