Bonnie Jane canine daytripper dogMy Weekly Adventure

by Bonnie-Jane, Canine Adventurer & Travel Companion for Curious Guide


bonnie jane alliston peake barbecue potato festivalTo my fellow canines . . .I am off again exploring the highways and byways of Ontario.

Today, Rock and I are in Alliston, talking with some merchants. This a cool place for dogs because not only do they put out water bowls but they also have these great posts to tie up to. We stopped in front of Peake Barbeque and boy did it smell great. Wish I could go in and sample the ribs.

Everyone in town is excited because next week is the 46th Annual Potato Festival from August 9th to 11th. Lots of stuff to do including a mechanical bull in front of Herberts Boots. You can ride the bull for free and I can’t wait to see Rock give it a try... hee hee. Other things to do are enjoy a pancake breakfast, Midway, Vodka Distillery Bus Tour, Family Fun Zone, Baby Show, Potato Peeling Contest and tons more.

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Well, bye for now. Time to explore more of Ontario!


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